Thinking of donating an object to Tipperary Museum of Hidden History?

Here is some information on how to do that plus some frequently asked questions.

Tipperary Museum of Hidden History has a vast collection of nearly 25,000 objects, most of which have been donated by the people of Tipperary and further afield around the globe.

We are a designated repository for objects of cultural heritage relating to the history of Tipperary and its people. We collect because it is our job to preserve and protect the material heritage of our county and its people for future generations. Our goal is to make that collection accessible to the public and those who visit the Museum.

We collect in accordance with our collection policy which states that we acquire objects associated with the history and heritage of the county of Tipperary and its people. In 2012 we received designated status under the National Cultural institutions act, 1997. This means that Tipperary Museum of Hidden History is legally allowed to retain archaeological objects for and on behalf of the state. All Archaeological objects found with no known owner are legally owned by the state. If you do come across any archaeological material it must be reported to the National Museum of Ireland or any designated museum, including Tipperary Museum within 96 hours.

What kind of items do you collect?

We collect in accordance with our Collection Policy which requires us to collect objects relating directly to the history and heritage of Tipperary and its people. Our collection includes;

- Archaeological material
- Military material
- Photographic material
- Newspapers and posters
- Industrial material
- Paintings and other artworks
- Fashion and textiles
- Traditional Crafts and Skills
- Toys and games
- Electronics 
- Coins and monetary related material
-Plus much, much more

How do I donate an object?

If you have an object you would like us to consider adding to our collection, please fill out the form below with as much information as you can and a picture if possible. Please bear in mind that all donations are assessed by museum staff for suitability for inclusion into our collection. We are very grateful for all donations offered but there are a number of reasons that we may not be able to accept your offer such as; 

- Object repetition within the collection
- Condition 
- Cost of maintaining and storing
- Object does not meet our collecting criteria

 Even so, we are keen to expand our collection and are interested in hearing about any objects you may have. If we cannot accept it, we may be able to point you in the direction of a more suitable institution. 

Will my donated object be put on display?

We cannot guarantee that all items donated will be put on display – there are many reasons for this such as space, object type etc. Most of our collection is in our store where it is kept in an environmentally controlled room and in appropriate packing to best preserve it for future generations. It is the reality for all Museum’s that a small percentage of their collection is on display at any one time. But the entire collection is available to other Museums, researchers and the general public upon request. 

How do you use your collection?

All Museum projects, exhibitions, research and education programming originates from our collection. The backbone of every museum is their collection and each object connects the world outside the museum with the world within. Each object no matter how small has a story to tell about the people of Tipperary and by adding to our collection we are furthering our knowledge on the history of our County and its people, both past and present.

Are there any areas of the collection you would like to expand in particular?

We are currently keen to expand a number of areas of our collection. They are as follows;

- War of Independence/Civil War
- Older electronic items such as games consoles, games, phones, etc
- Children’s toys and games
- Fashion and textiles
- Religious items

I would like to loan an object to the Museum, can I do this?

Tipperary Museum of Hidden History only accepts objects on loan if it is for a specific exhibition or display. If you have an item you would be interested in loaning please let us know and we will keep this information on file.

Important points to note:

- We do not, usually, accept objects that represent a potential hazard. Hazards in collections are anything that can pose a risk to the health of the staff, visitors or the rest of the collection.

- Hazards include any objects containing asbestos, explosive, flammable, poisonous, potentially carcinogenic or radioactive material.

- We do not accept objects that pose a threat to our existing collection (e.g. any items that contain pest infestations

- Please be aware that Museum staff is unable to authenticate or value objects owned by private individuals. For advice regarding valuation, please contact a reputable auction house or dealer.

- It is also important to note that once an object is donated to Tipperary Museum and the paperwork is signed the donor or their heirs no longer hold any legal claim on the object. If you wish to view an object donated by a family member this can be arranged or alternatively photographs/scans can be given.

Thank you for your interest in donating an object to Tipperary Museum of Hidden History.

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