About the Museum

Located in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, the Tipperary Museum of Hidden History is a state-of-the-art interactive visitor experience in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East. The Museum brings Tipperary’s rich hidden history vividly to life through memorable historic characters and amazing stories. Expect to be surprised and intrigued by what you find!

Immerse yourself in stories of castles and conquests, courage, superstition, murder and death. Explore tales of two worlds, from rural life in 19th century Tipperary to the Big Houses of the Suir Valley. Learn about one man and his boat and meet a host of heroes from the world of sports and entertainment. This multi-sensory experience is a must-see on your journey into Ireland’s Ancient East.

Mission Statement

Tipperary Museum of Hidden History enables people to experience the cultural richness and pride of Tipperary through collecting, caring, interpreting and displaying the material history of our county for the enjoyment, education and benefit of all our users.


The accreditation process takes approximately 5 years. Participants usually submit applications for Interim Accreditation (25 standards) towards the end Year 3 in the Programme and applications for Full Accreditation (9 Full Standards and 25 Interim Standards) towards the end of Year 5. Some Participantsare ready to submit an application for all standards after three years and can be allowed to skip the Interim Application stage. Three years after receiving a Full Accreditation certificate Participants are required to submit an application to confirm Maintenance of Full Accreditation. Participants are then required to submit a new application for Maintenance of Full Accreditation within five years of receiving a certificate to confirmMaintenance of Accreditation.

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